About Us

Our Firm

Our firm is like no other in the water treatment industry. Risen Water™ is essentially the sister-company of a well-established, top-tier manufacturer’s sales representative/distributor in the southeast U.S. Cornerstone H2O. Through our affiliation with Cornerstone H2O, we have hundreds of treatment solutions to solve water quality problems – and trusted relationships with municipalities, industrial users, and consulting engineers that are decades old. As we come across applications or treatment needs that are not sufficiently and/or economically addressed by solutions available in the marketplace, Risen Water™ comes into the picture. Through Risen Water,™ a solution may be created, patented, designed, fabricated, installed, tested, and even rolled out throughout the country.

We are staffed by highly credentialed individuals with diverse, complementary backgrounds. Our personnel have designed entire treatment facilities, operated and managed water systems, led corporate turn-arounds, and launched new products from development all the way to sale and full commercialization. A particular expertise of ours is pioneering new (to the U.S.) technologies, getting the initial installation(s) up and running, and establishing the product’s/company’s credibility in the marketplace. With Professional Engineer (P.E.), Class I Operator’s License, MBA, and other notable qualifications, we are well-suited to carry out a variety of valuable services.

Our leader of product development for Risen Water is Cassandra Petersen.  Cassandra has a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and began her career 23 years ago in industrial water treatment. Her primary focus was the treatment of process water and the classification of waste leaving manufacturing facilities. She also worked as an Engineering Consultant for Safety-Kleen which allowed her the opportunity to provide environmentally sound solutions to clients, as well as work on the design and implementation of portable recycling technologies for use on CNC Machines. Now, in her role with Risen Water, Cassandra works in the development, collaboration, and introduction of new products or technologies for the water industry.